Robert Baird BIO

Lean Consulting, six sigma consulting firms, manufacturing quality consultants, Lean Sigma ConsultantRobert Baird is the owner and President of Lean Teams USA LLC, a Lean Sigma and Autonomous Team Consulting firm.

As a VP of North American Operations and other key job positions Robert practiced and gained business success through culture development of engagement and problem solving.

He is the author of – The Four Components of a Fast Paced Organization – Going Beyond Lean Sigma Tools.

During 33 years of working for various organization types; secure transaction/telecom cards, medical device, printing, auto industry, aerospace manufacturing, oilfield, construction, retail, and services,  Robert has led successful lean sigma transformations.

He has supplied the expertise, facilitation, and coaching in the implementation of an Autonomous Team organization structure.

In many of these organizational types he has provided the design and coaching to realize and sustain the benefits of a TWI-JI structure.

Within manufacturing he has provided complete system designs and layouts for discrete, continuous, and manual production systems.

He has a deep understanding of Lean Sigma and has extensive experience on the type of leadership, planning, measures, and organizational structure to achieve world class results. He has developed and written about organization components which go beyond the benefits in the application of Lean Sigma tools.

Robert has practiced successful Lean Six Sigma applications around the globe in countries such as Canada, China, Brazil, England, Finland, France, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, and USA. His firm provides the guidance, coaching, support, and training throughout a lean six sigma transformation.

Robert is a certified and practicing six sigma Black Belt.

He now resides in West Virginia with his wife Cheryl. He can be contacted at Lean Teams USA +1-215-353-0696