Quality System Management

Quality System, Quality Control, Quality System Management, Lean Consulting, Lean Sigma Consulting, six sigma, taguchi loss functionQuality developments of the 20th century by developers like Deming, Shewhart, Juran, Crosby, etc., are, unfortunately, used sparingly today. It is unfortunate because of Cost of Poor Quality environmental waste, energy waste, and inferior products and services for consumers.

At Lean Teams USA we believe in continuance of these concepts by putting them back into practice.

Another key developer of the 1950’s was an Engineer and Statistician by the name of Genichi Taguchi who industrialized what we know today as the Taguchi Loss Function. At Lean Teams USA we especially believe in establishing an organizational quality system culture based on the Taguchi Loss Function. Taguchi believed in and developed a quality system articulated in his quote,“The customer experiences a loss of quality the moment product specifications leave the target value,” providing the how and why of a zero defect culture.

Most organizations today have a”Goal Post” quality philosophy but it should only be a starting point. From there the organization must systematically reduce variation and seek the target value. This is the process of quality system continuous improvement.

We also believe in starting with simple applications where all employees can contribute and continuously improve. Contribution starts the momentum of developing a quality culture.

Robert Baird has published articles on Error Proofing, process layouts for quality, quality inspection of attributes, SIPOC a quality tool, Zero Defect culture, and achieving world class.

Lean Teams USA can support your organization in developing a quality culture that will improve customer value, reduce cost, and reduce waste.

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