Lean Training and Development

Training and Development is one of the key principles of any Lean Sigma program and we provide a menu of training programs proven to provide business results.

We base our training on methods to retain what was learned, planning to execute what was learned, and achievement of business results through :

  1. Starting with a Target review before actual training begins
  2. Applied Training Methods during sessions:
    1. Replication of skills
    2. Spacing out repetition
    3. Prevention of learning overload
    4. Multi-technique learning (Telling, Showing, Performing)
  3. Encouraged Leadership Engagement
  4. Each training session results in an executable plan to go forward

Training and development is a key organizational value.

Please also visit our Training Lunch and Learn  page A series of 1 hour training sessions conducted for the purpose of inspiring ideas from what was learned.


  1. Autonomous Team Structure – Implementation Training – This two day training provides the organizational leaders the key components for a successful implementation of a self-directed team structure Original Concept by Lean Teams USA
  2. Value Stream Mapping Facilitator Training – This two day, highly interactive training session will provide participants with the why and how this powerful tool obtains business results in Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Employee Motivation. Participants will work and complete maps of the Current State, Future State, and Ideal State.
  3. Setup Reduction SMED Training – This three day learning by doing training program will provide participants with not only proven methods and process for setup reduction but also the why and how of analyzing the complete value stream.
  4. Supervisor Training on Maximizing Throughput – Provides Supervisors of value streams a proven method to maximize process throughput, using resources that are within their direct control.
  5. Gemba Walk Training for Leaders – Providing leaders with the how, why, and when this key leadership program is utilized in achieving fast paced business results through employee engagement and effective communication.
  6. How Leaders Support Strategy Deployment– Once the strategy has been determined the leaders of the local organization have the responsibility of strategy deployment. This half day training session will demonstrate the process of using three powerful Lean tools to build and sustain strategy deployment momentum towards fast pace achievement of the required results.  Original Concept by Lean Teams USA
  7. Establishing a 5S System, geared for supporting strategy deployment
  8. Chronic Problem Removal Training –   This two day workshop training provides the key tools and processes to support and enable  the improvement teams to eradicate chronic problems. Through various root cause analysis and in process tools students will be able to effectively identify root causes as the symptom error appears.
  9. Visual Management – enabling workplace area transparency towards effective and fast paced  strategy deployment Original Concept by Lean Teams USA
  10. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Training – This two day training program provides an understanding of TPM, implementation steps for the complete organization, the required metrics, how to sustain the efforts, and continuous improvement programs.
  11. OEE Training – Overall Equipment Effectiveness – provides training on how this key measure can be used to evaluate how effectively operational equipment is utilized. Participants will also be presented with methods and case studies of how OEE improvements positively impact financial ratios and where to effectively focus improvement resources.
  12. Training Program to Establish Standard Work (E Cubed) –  Combining three powerful programs to Establish Standard Work, reduce variation, increase training resources, improve work task ergonomics, safety, cost quality, and productivity  Original Concept by Lean Teams USA
  13. Designing a layout of Lean Cells – The platform for lead time, quality, engagement, and productivity improvements
  14. Developing an Organizational Structure for Effective Strategy Deployment – Having the correct local organization structure is critical in strategy deployment success, creating momentum, and enterprise knowledge of customer value.  Original Concept by Lean Teams USA
  15. Fast Paced Knowledge Sharing – Developing effective knowledge sharing to become an organization value. Sharing and developing critical organizational knowledge.

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