Value Stream Mapping Facilitator Training

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Lean Practitioners, Supervisors, Value Stream or Team Leaders, and Managers, no matter the business type, who want to be able to Facilitate and effectively apply the Lean tool of Value Stream Mapping to improve Productivity, Lead Time, Quality, or Cost.


This is a five day highly interactive training session. Each day consists of four hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The morning sessions teach required Value Stream Mapping concepts and skills. The afternoon sessions take place within the value streams (Gemba) to obtain key process data, learning process management, understand process waste, how customer value is applied, and understanding communication effectiveness.    

Value Stream Mapping Facilitator  Learning Agenda

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Benefits of Attendance

The potential VSM Facilitator and interested parties learn required VSM Concepts, how to perform process analysis, what are the required key metrics, improvement methods, and how they fit together to continuously improve a value stream. At the end of this five day training session they will be ready with an execution plan and be able to facilitate the completion of  current and future/ideal state of a product or service value stream. They will have a clear understanding of the how and why value stream maps are an integral part in the successful achievement of the overall strategic plan.

Training Preparation

To maximize training value we work with your team before arrival to your site (no additional cost). Establishing the Current State is key as it provides the basis of where the value stream will improve from. This base is established with the latest and accurately measured process information. We support this data gathering process by starting with the completion of our free VSM Process Analysis worksheet, consisting of 2 worksheets – VSM Charter and Process Data 
   Note – Just below, enter name and email, then click Present Download Link, and the link to the free VSM Process Analysis document appears. Please complete, send it back to us, providing a head start in working towards your objectives. (Go To Entry Form for Download below).

Extended Support Training

We also offer the opportunity to provide not only meeting the objective of training a VSM Facilitator but also support in achieving the desired business targets outlined by the Future State map. We will work closely with the newly trained VSM Facilitator and your assigned implementation team. This will provide added confidence, deployment speed, and additional expert improvement resources.

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