Pay What You Can

Pay What You CanPay What You Can for Business Process Improvement

There are organization types like “not for profit,” “retail,” or “startup” who might not want to invest in a Process Improvement Consultant to support their business needs. This might be because of limitations in their current budget or they might not have any confidence in the process of using a consultant. Lean Teams USA has started a Pay What You Can for process improvement methods and training to address these or other limitations.

How Does it Work

The program is based on adding value for the customer. If you have a need to deliver reduced cost or improved quality, or faster deliveries, or are in a growth mode, process improvements through the application of Lean and Six Sigma can meet these requirements with little investment. Our suggested daily rate for this program is $1,000.00/day plus any logistical costs. You can offer less than the daily rate (many do), it can even be zero, and we will consider. Logistical costs are required (flights, hotel, meals, car rental, etc.) so they are set within what is needed to deliver services and training.

Why Would We Offer This

As mentioned we care about continuous customer value improvement and realize there are organizations struggling with delivering value because they might not have the budget or confidence to go outside for further support and expertise. Secondly, we are also an organization that can afford to introduce this type of program along with a passion in supporting process improvement. It is a Win-Win-Win proposal, a) we remain gaining market through reputation, b) the organizations we support become self supporting in key process improvement techniques, and c) their customers are realizing the benefits of improved, quality, delivery, and even better pricing.

What Do You Need to Do  

Call Lean Teams USA +1 215-353-0696 or complete our contact form to provide a description of how you would like to use this program.

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