Autonomous Team Implementation

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Autonomous teams have their oars in the water, they are contributors towards achievement of business targets. Being able to contribute brings employee engagement.

Lean Teams USA was formed to promote the many benefits of Autonomous Teams (Posts about teams). We are passionate about it, we have experienced it, and we know the fast paced implementation steps towards realizing the resulting business benefits. Call us +1 215-353-0696 to support your strategy of getting to an autonomous team organization structure.

Many organizations are looking for the “next” methodology to facilitate successful strategy deployment and growth. Look no further than Autonomous Teams.

Amazingly, when you study organizations who have implemented autonomous teams, they have all quickly moved ahead of their competitors.

People and system collaboration carries the renaissance, the next methodology. There are some basic requirements to consider before jumping into structuring with Autonomous Teams providing a much higher success rate.

They start by removing all of the complication seen only in non-value added tasks. This removal of waste through collaboration and empowerment provides the following benefits:

  1. Improved quality
  2. Less required management
  3. Lower costs
  4. Reduction in employee attrition
  5. Customer based decisions increasing tangible customer value
  6. Dramatic increase in employee engagement
  7. Safety improvements
  8. Strategy execution pace

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